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The vibrational spectrum of the Enlightenment, or espionage

The noises

The language (NF))
The tent of the President
the telephone booth

The high-frequency signals
- General -

The high-frequency signals
slow signals

The high-frequency signals

optical signals  

The high-frequency signals

- communication

- Radio communication networks
- Directional radio
- Satellites
- Direct coupling

The heat signals

Thermal radiation/air-gap

The high-frequency signals of the light

The X-ray radiation and higher ...

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Berlin, August / September 2013

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The frequency spectrum for the clearing up

Light - the workhorse the modern one communication-

Frequency area Medium Sensors Result Application Information
Light signals Light wave conductor
Glass fibres
optoelectronic sensors;
electronic sensors;
Issue sensors;

Decoupling of the radiation energy in an axial and lateral direction,

Insertion of a mirror system for the decoupling of the light signal and Umlenkung on an optoelectronic one sensor

Direct decoupling of the electrical signals at the entrances (electric - visual), the Repeater (Signalwieder production) (visual electric - reinforcements electrical - visual), at the exit (visual - electric. )
mutual (bidirectional) or one-sided communication high information profit confessed already since the beginning of the seventies. Information extraction by insertion into the fibre; direct decoupling to the Repeatern, simple and very cheap method;
practise worldwide!

Realized confessed under all sorts of names and successful!
The information deserts the scope of the legislation, this information was caused in the country ...

She is then subject at transgression of the limit of another country, the juridiction there.

What happens with that?

not known whether there are activities on all sorts of international organisations regarding this.

Difficulties of the danger defence.